Type of paper

We make a wide variety of types of paper for the food sector and for industry, from plastic-coated paper, waxed paper, glued paper, double-use paper and laminates. Now, due to the high demand for environmentally friendly products, we are producing our waxed papers with vegetable wax on one or both sides.

Formats, reels, grammage

We can manufacture all kinds of paper in formats and on reels, from 35 to 200 grams per square metre and in different widths. Our flexibility, together with strict quality control and health guarantees, are among the aspects that have made us a leader in the food paper sector.


We offer the possibility of customising paper with our customers’ printed designs. We can print with up to three inks in fixed or continuous printing.

Some of our products

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, ask us and we will get it for you. Most items can be customised with your printed designs.