Who we are

The company was founded in 1982 on the basis of its creators’ previous experience and we have a team of around 50 professionals and production facilities measuring 12,000 square metres. From here, we supply not only the Spanish market but also markets as demanding as France, Italy and Portugal.


The Tecno Group’s working philosophy is based on offering its customers a perfect combination of quality and service. We have the logistics, human and technological capacity not only

to produce almost any kind of food paper, but also to adapt to the habits and customs of every geographical area.


We have provided ourselves with the latest technological advances to produce the different types of paper. This takes the form of machines that are more powerful, faster and more accurate to improve productivity and, as a result, increase the company’s competitiveness.

Tecno Group does not just sell paper, it offers its customers the chance to customise it with their own printed designs.

We have all kinds of customers, from paper distributors who then offer it to points of sale (many of them buy the paper in reels to print it directly at their facilities, while other prefer us to take care of this customisation work), to direct and wholesale customers.

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